Referencies in Print-Work

T-Shirts Zarathustra

T-Shirt layouts and print preparation for 'In Hora Mortis' (left), 'Contempt' (middle) and 'Non Serviam Black Metal' (right).
T-Shirt ©velvet T-Shirt ©velvet T-Shirt ©velvet

CD Print Layout

Some example pages from the booklet artwork for 'In Hora Mortis', paintings from Kris Verwimp (Contempt by Chris Moyen), crafted into a poisonous layout by me.
CD Booklet ©velvet CD Booklet ©velvet CD Booklet ©velvet CD Booklet ©velvet CD Booklet ©velvet

LP Print Layout

LP artwork got a completely new layout, fitting the different format. Covers are the same like on CD (left), LP Labels (middle) and Inner Sleeve Print (right)
LP Cover ©velvet LP Label ©velvet LP InnerSleeve ©velvet

T-Shirts Deströyer 666

Sometimes a scream for help echoes through the night from Netherlands, did some more work for Deströyer 666, mostly final print preparation and some final elements to already existing layouts.
T-Shirt ©velvet T-Shirt ©velvet T-Shirt ©velvet


Buttons 'Perpetual Black Force' and 'Contempt' for Zarathustra on 1,5" buttons, Patch re-work of an old patch for Deströyer666.
T-Shirt ©velvet T-Shirt ©velvet











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