Web pro: (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
Basic: Javascript, XML, RSS/Atom
Grafic pro: Photoshop, Freehand, InDesign
Basic: Flash, Illustrator
Others: SEO, Marketing, Website Analysis
Computer: Word, Access, Excel, OpenOffice


Some small, easy software for use in websites. I have done some more, and add them to the list when I find time for it.


Small modul that handles news entries and sorts them by date. Moves them automatically to archive, if a self defined time span is over (default 30 days)
Requires PHP and MySQL


A-Z Navigation, random-selection on call
Requires PHP and MySQL


Small shop, handles unlimited categories and subcategories, creates a nice css-menu from them, features 'latest adds', search option, shopping cart, postage automization, speak the basic features a shop needs without accounts, user mangement and so on. Offers order management and print function from within admin panel. For details, please ask.
Requires PHP and MySQL


Mini CMS for your website, features your needs. For details, please ask.
Requires PHP and MySQL (can also be done without database)


Sitesearch offers search on static html-pages in defined areas and defineable pages.
Requires PHP


valid XHTML valid CSS